Webinar: The Path to Professional Reiki Practitioner

Date: Wednesday 14 June, 7pm BST

Join us if you are a medical professional interested in Reiki practice or a Reiki practitioner drawn to working in hospitals or other medical settings. Practitioners will also gain a better understanding of how your practice may need to develop so that you are well prepared for this step.

Reiki is often taught first as an informal, personal practice. Some Reiki students are drawn to offer healing to others, maybe just family and friends at first. Then, they may treat people not known to them. Eventually, practitioners may decide to make giving Reiki healing central to their lives, as part of their livelihood. At this point they may enter employment in medical settings or set up as private practitioners.

Each step brings new responsibilities and qualities needed to be recognised as a professional practitioner. Since Reiki is taught in this way, practitioners may not understand what’s required.

Our webinar speaker, Reiki master Kate Jones, will share more details of the three phases of this path, first described in a series of conferences in the early 2000s. The specific characteristics of each phase of Reiki practice can guide us as we move from one to another. This helps ensure that we are fully prepared to meet public expectations as we become more professional.

Kate is a leader in this field, having contributed to all the Public Practice conferences in the USA and UK where this description was created and agreed. She will start the webinar by explaining the three potential phases of Reiki practice and participants will then explore how they are relevant to your own practice through discussion in breakout rooms.


Presenter: Kate Jones

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Biography of Kate Jones, our webinar speaker:

Kate Jones learned Reiki in 1989 and became a master in 1991, continuing her healing practice alongside her teaching. A leader in the field, Kate was involved in the development of the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Reiki as well as the Reiki Council and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council’s Reiki Core Curricula. She also teaches a Reiki Council verified professional Reiki practitioner course, based on this involvement and her own experience in professional practice.

Kate has been giving Reiki to others from shortly after she learned it in 1989. She became a Reiki master in 1991 and continued her Reiki healing practice alongside her teaching.

Interested in seeing Reiki in integrative healthcare, she also understands the need for further research and education of Reiki practitioners. All of this will support Reiki to be recognised more as a beneficial option for patients.


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