A nurse's presentation - introducing Reiki to medical professionals

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Date: Friday 14 July, 7pm BST

Wherever you are in the world, this webinar could be of educational value to you. NHS Hospital Dental Nurse Ali Roffey shares with us today the consultant-approved presentation of Reiki she gave to medical profession at a UK teaching hospital. CPD eligible and tax deductible.

Perhaps this work appeals to you. Ali’s sharing of her presentation will offer Reiki practitioners a wonderful tool for a presentation they may wish to draw upon in future. Registrants will receive a recording.

Or, as a dentist, this presentation may help you to gain more insight on Reiki. Perhaps you are thinking of offering the calming and natural healing effect of Reiki to your patients?

This webinar is CPD eligible and tax deductible. Ali has very kindly asked that her small fee be taken as a donation for the future work of Reiki Healthcare Research Trust for which we are very grateful. We hope practitioners will see the value of the energy exchange for their practice.

Join us if you are looking to introduce Reiki into a clinical setting anytime in the future.

Presenter: Alison Roffey

Cost: £15

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A recording will be available to everyone who registers.


Reiki Practitioner and NHS Hospital Dental Nurse Alison Roffey

Alison Roffey is a Reiki practitioner and also a clinical dental nurse at a teaching hospital in the north of England, UK. Her responsibilities range from mentoring the student dentist & dental nurses on clinic with patients, to working chair side in surgery with the DCT’s, STR’s and consultants.

She first received Reiki 27 years ago and became attuned/initiated to Usui Reiki I in September 2005. She had her son in 2006 which consumed her time and in 2017 she started her journey with Usui Reiki once more, becomng a Reiki Master Teacher in 2021.

Ali has followed the professional route and became a verified reiki practitioner in 2019.

She also volunteers at her local hospice one day a week providing Reiki to in-care, out patients, family members of deceased loved ones and staff.

“I am passionate about supporting the journey of bridging the gap between Reiki and Medicine.”


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