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Educational webinars and videos

Our webinars and videos are intended to be informative to medical professionals interested in integrated medicine and Reiki, including Reiki for self-care. For Reiki practitioners interested in working in clinical settings, and the general public, the webinars and videos are intended to be educational. Our work aims to be evidence-based and referenced where appropriate. Many of our speakers will be medical professionals.

Most webinars, videos and events will be offered on a donation basis.
Some webinars and webinar recordings will bring specialist knowledge and educational value. These webinars will carry a fixed fee.

Our webinars are educational and therefore beneficial for continuing professional development (CPD). As such, they will also be tax deductible in many countries.


Reiki and Soul Midwifery

Thursday 18 April, 7pm (BST)

Cost: Donation-based

Soul Midwifery_1200x630px

Reiki and Soul Midwifery are natural partners, especially for those who work in healthcare, hospitals and hospices, or perhaps you are a carer or family member working with someone from diagnosis to end of life.

Krista Hughes, talks us through the learning path in depth, starting with a 1-day Introduction course. There will be Q&As and testimonials from around the world.

Reiki, Spirituality and Mental Health

Wednesday 19 June, 7pm (BST)

Cost: Donation-based

Reiki Spirituality and Mental Health_1200x630px

As a precursor to our webinar ‘Reiki can do no harm…?’ and offering a great insight into the work of a Spiritual Companion, this webinar focuses on understanding extreme spiritual states and how to care for them. As a carer, family member, Reiki practitioner or healthcare professional, what are you witnessing? Emergence or emergency? Safety or risk? Highly recommended.

Further details and booking link coming soon.

Reiki does no harm... ?

Thursday 19 September, 7pm (BST)

Cost: Donation-based

Reiki can do no harm_1200x630px

A panel discussion. 

Reiki treatment has no known contra-indications. It is a non-invasive practice that is given through light touch and remotely. Does this mean it is always safe? We explore this question with a panel of experienced Reiki practitioners, one of whom is quoted as saying “Reiki does no harm, but you can.”

More details coming soon.





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