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Educational webinars and videos

Our webinars and videos are intended to be informative to medical professionals interested in integrated medicine and Reiki, including Reiki for self-care. For Reiki practitioners interested in working in clinical settings, and the general public, the webinars and videos are intended to be educational. Our work aims to be evidence-based and referenced where appropriate. Many of our speakers will be medical professionals.

Most webinars, videos and events will be offered on a donation basis.
Some webinars and recordings will bring specialist knowledge and educational value. These webinars will carry a fixed fee.
All webinars are CPD eligible.


Reiki and spiritual care in clinical settings

Wednesday 13 Dec, 7pm (GMT)

Cost: Donation-based

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For its practitioners, Reiki is a spiritual and healing practice. In medical settings, the holistic care of patients is at the core of integrative healthcare programmes. In this webinar, together with experts in the care of the sick and dying, we will discuss the many ways Reiki practitioners can play an integral part in the quality of patients’ spiritual care. Also, we will show how specialist professional courses and training can prepare practitioners for this sensitive and demanding work wherever you are in the world.

Webinars for 2024 will be announced soon

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Webinar recordings

The Path to Professional Reiki Practitioner

Wednesday 14 June, 7pm (BST)

Cost: Donation-based

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Join us if you are a medical professional interested in Reiki practice or a Reiki practitioner drawn to working in hospitals or other medical settings. Practitioners will also gain a better understanding of how your practice may need to develop so that you are well prepared for this step.

A nurse's presentation - introducing Reiki to medical professionals

Friday 14 July, 7pm (BST)

Cost: £15

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Wherever you are in the world, this webinar could be of educational value to you. NHS
Hospital Dental Nurse Ali Roffey shares with us today the consultant-approved presentation of Reiki she gave to medical profession at a UK teaching hospital. CPD eligible and tax deductible.

Panel discussion: The many opportunities for Reiki in healthcare

Part 1, Reiki in hospitals:
Thursday 14 Sept, 7pm (BST)

Cost: Donation-based

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A panel of medical professionals and research experts together with experienced Reiki practitioners talk us through the many evidence-based opportunities for offering Reiki in hospitals. We will hear some powerful anecdotal evidence too, shared by those who have worked in hospitals in the USA, Europe and the UK.

Distant Reiki: the new evidence and next steps

Wednesday 18 Oct, 7pm (BST)

Cost: Donation-based

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‘Distant’ or ‘remote’ Reiki, has been practised all over the world for decades. Outside Reiki circles, however, the practice is little known or valued. In this webinar we discuss the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, studies demonstrating the value of distant Reiki, published evidence and plans for a large randomised control trial through Reiki Medic-Care, UK in partnership with the Center of Reiki Research, USA.

Reiki and Mental Health

Wednesday 15 Nov, 7pm (GMT)

Cost: Donation-based


We will hear how Reiki plays an important part in the welfare of patients, and the evidence that speaks to the value of Reiki for mental health related conditions.

Guests: Dr Kavita Prasad, MD FACP; Diane Anderson; Aimee Greaves, RNMH; Liz Watkin (Occupational therapist, Reiki master).

For privacy reasons, no recording is available for this webinar. Further details of the event are here.





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