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Educational webinars and videos

Our webinars and videos are intended to be informative to medical professionals interested in integrated medicine and Reiki, including Reiki for self-care. For Reiki practitioners interested in working in clinical settings, and the general public, the webinars and videos are intended to be educational. Our work aims to be evidence-based and referenced where appropriate. Many of our speakers will be medical professionals.

All our webinars, videos and events are free of charge to medical professionals.
For the Reiki community and public, some webinars, videos and events will also be free.
Some webinars and recordings will bring specialist knowledge and educational value to Reiki practitioners. These educational webinars will carry a fixed fee.
All webinars are CPD eligible.

Upcoming webinars

The Path to Professional Reiki Practitioner

Wednesday 14 June, 7pm (BST)

Cost: FREE

Join us if you are a medical professional interested in Reiki practice or a Reiki practitioner drawn to working in hospitals or other medical settings. Practitioners will also gain a better understanding of how your practice may need to develop so that you are well prepared for this step.

A nurse's presentation - introducing Reiki to medical professionals

Wednesday 14 July, 7pm (BST)

Cost: £15 (Free for medical professionals)

Wherever you are in the world, this webinar could be of educational value to you. Approved by a hospital consultant, NHS Nurse Alison Roffey shares her presentation of Reiki to medical profession at a UK teaching hospital. Mark your diaries if you are looking to introduce Reiki into a clinical setting anytime in the future. CPD eligible and tax deductible.

More details and registration link to follow.

Reiki and Mental Health

Wednesday 14 Sept, 7 pm (BST)

Cost: FREE

Dr Kavita Prasad, Integrative Medicine MD, talks about the importance of integrated healthcare and how Reiki plays an important part in the welfare of patients at Zumbro Valley Health Center in Minnesota, USA.

More details and registration link to follow.

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