We hold a vision of Reiki contributing to integrative healthcare through research and science, and in the areas in which it shows the greatest value.

We will build on the solid base of peer-reviewed studies of Reiki that already exist with larger scale robust clinical trials.

They will be based on audits that may come, for example, from the remote Reiki Medic-Care project or through data gathering from the Connecting Reiki with Medicine project. We will also gather data through other promising areas that are supported by the existing literature.

RHRT - Research

Dr Ann Baldwin, PhD. is our research advisor. A research professor of physiology at the University of Arizona, Dr Baldwin studied at both Bristol University and Imperial College London.

Our mission is to raise the funds needed to support large-scale trials with the help of the Reiki community, the public at large and grant-giving bodies. This will help bring the value of Reiki to patients and medical professionals who can benefit from it.

A reliable short list of well-designed Reiki research studies, critical evaluations and systematic reviews which have been published in Clinical, Nursing or peer-reviewed journals is available here


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