Reiki Medic-Care provides beneficial Reiki sessions to stressed, busy frontline medical professionals. 

Designed to fit in with their long shifts and short breaks, the sessions are given at times to suit doctors, nurses and paramedics working all over the UK. 

It was inspired by a senior nurse at St George’s Hospital in London who saw Reiki’s positive effect on patients. Knowing there were few opportunities to take a break to recharge while working, she was interested in hearing how her nurses might also be able to benefit. 

Research suggests that Reiki can help nurses with burnout syndrome. (Diaz-Rodriguez et al., 2011 and 2011; Mackay et al.,2004; Rosada et al., 2015) Since Reiki can be given remotely by suitably qualified practitioners, medical professionals can receive Reiki in the comfort of their own home at a time of their choosing.

It is hoped these Reiki treatments themselves will help medical professionals learn the value of Reiki as an integrative therapy and promote its use in clinical settings.

As soon as Covid-19 broke out, a group of Reiki practitioners got together to support and thank frontline medical professionals working under very difficult conditions. Together they created Reiki Medic-Care, a free service. 

RHRT Head-balancestones

It is confidential, automated and offered by qualified, committed Reiki practitioners working as volunteers. 
Reiki Medic-Care is endorsed by the Reiki Council, the governing body for Reiki in the UK.

For further information, and to register for treatments please visit the Reiki Medic-Care website.


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