Our initial aim is to support and encourage deep and more holistic care for very sick adults, children, families, carers and frontline medical professionals. 

  • Partnerships: We will create strong partnerships with in-hospital charities and therapy providers so that Reiki may be introduced and integrated as an evidence-based practice in all areas of acute care.
  • Training: Working through these partnerships, we will offer intensive clinical and professional education of certified Reiki practitioners. This will prepare them for hospital patient care and research participation.
  • Patients: Through creating awareness of Reiki’s benefits, we aim to enhance patients’ clinical and healing responses.
  • Medical staff: To support the wellbeing of frontline medical staff, we will support Reiki training for self-treatment, hands-on Reiki treatments, and the advanced technique of giving Reiki remotely.
  • Data collection: Through grants, we will look to support projects that collect raw data from Reiki treatments to evaluate and identify emerging themes for future focus and research.
  • Research: Our aim is to support robust, peer-reviewed clinical research projects that help build the evidence base for Reiki in medicine, and contribute to education about Reiki in hospitals and the wider community.
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