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Rosemary Pharo

Rosemary Pharo is the co-creator of the Reiki Medic-care project and has been involved in supporting Connecting Reiki with Medicine for a number of years. A CNHC registered Reiki Master, Rosemary is an active representative and long-time former Secretary of the Reiki Council, the UK’s governing body for Reiki.  She has also been active in The Reiki Guild since 2003 and is a managing consultant for ThinkTree Hub.  She is a qualified soft tissue therapist, aromatherapist and Control System practitioner and has previously worked as a qualified childbirth educator and assessor for the UK’s largest childbirth charity.

Feona Gray

Feona Gray is the founder of Reiki Healthcare Research Trust. She came to Reiki in 2002 to help her through a life-limiting illness from which she is fully recovered. Feona was a member of the Reiki Association’s governing council for five years and she is also the source and co-creator of the Reiki Medic-Care project. In 2015, she sowed the seeds for the Connecting Reiki with Medicine initiative at St George’s Hospital, London and leads the fundraising. Also a successful businesswoman, for over 45 years, she pioneered bespoke villa, yachting and hotel holidays, bringing new markets to the UK. She founded and ran successful travel brands, an international property business and was the co-creator and publisher of online travel guides.

RHRT - Diana
Diana Shaw

Diana Shaw is a Reiki master and works as digital content editor at the British Red Cross. She is a founder of the Connecting Reiki with Medicine project at St George’s Hospital, London. Diana brings a wealth of experience having worked in charities, communications and fundraising for many years, including with BBC Media Action, Leonard Cheshire and the Office for National Statistics.

RHRT - Kate Jones
Kate Jones

Kate Jones learned Reiki in 1989 and became a master in 1991.  She was one of the original members of The Reiki Association and was their Administrator for 12 years, serving on the governing council for five years.  Her involvement with the Reiki Regulatory Working Group and Reiki Council, representing The Reiki Association and Reiki Alliance led to participation in developing standards for professional Reiki practice in the UK, including the National Occupational Standards, NOS for Reiki for Animals, Reiki Council and CNHC core curricula.    From 2010 to date she has been on the CNHC Reiki Profession Specific Board.  She has developed a number of further education opportunities for Reiki practitioners wishing to work in professional settings.  As a Reiki master, Kate teaches and gives treatments regularly, bringing a wealth of experience in the practice of Reiki.  Kate is also a singing leader, including leading a Singing for Lung Health group.

Alexander Gray

Alexander Gray is a psychotherapist in training and Reiki practitioner. Having spent the last 15 years in the travel and tourism industry, he is now setting up a private practice. In addition, he was editorial assistant for Touch, the Reiki Association magazine, and part of the visioning group for Reiki Medic-Care and for Connecting Reiki With Medicine. Alexander will use his business development and communication skills to grow the Reiki Healthcare Research Trust.

Philip Warner

Philip Warner comes to the role of Treasurer with the accounting experience from a 25 year career in finance, working principally in senior positions in the NHS across Mental Health and Acute Care in London, as well as in commerce and in the BBC. He has charity experience as Treasurer for his local church for 15 years, as well as supporting local schools.

Dr Nicole Morré

Dr Nicole Morré is an Integrative MD, and works as a GP in preventive youth healthcare in The Hague, Netherlands. Her love has always been in connecting with people and energy medicine. She has practiced Reiki since 2001, and is a Reiki Master. She represents the embodiment of Reiki in medicine.