Connecting Reiki with Medicine is an integrated healthcare project run at St George’s Hospital, London. With the support of its host, Full Circle Fund Therapies, Connecting Reiki with Medicine’s trained Reiki practitioners treat some of the hospital’s sickest patients, including in high dependency units.

Six months of clinical training and mentoring in the hospital sets a new standard for the education of complementary healthcare practitioners in a medical setting. With this strong foundation, Reiki practitioners then work alongside other medical professionals in a truly integrated healthcare project.

Connecting Reiki with Medicine also supports research to provide an evidence base for using Reiki in clinical settings. Emerging themes from patient evaluations suggest benefits for anxiety, sleep, pain and stress reduction.1 Such is the reputation of the project that medical staff drive its referrals and integration into new areas of the hospital.

Reiki’s use in complex medical settings has grown steadily in many hospitals, along with other complementary therapies. Reiki’s simplicity, the lack of known contraindications and ease of providing treatments make it an ideal therapy for integrating in healthcare settings.

Driven by passion and commitment, Connecting Reiki with Medicine is creating a template for working collaboratively with Reiki in medical settings. It is underpinned by professionally qualified practitioners and grounded research set in a clinical environment.

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To realise our vision of Reiki’s widespread integration into clinical settings, we look for help to fund development and research from the public, from the Reiki community and from grant-funding bodies.

For further information please visit the Connecting Reiki with Medicine website.

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